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1) What precautions do you take to back up our photos?

All of my digital cameras are “dual slot” which means each time I press the shutter, that image is saved to two memory cards. So, if one corrupts, there is an identical copy. When I get home, I download every image to two separate hard drives and again, if one corrupts, there is an identical copy. My computer backs up to a third-party storage service and I do not delete the memory cards until your final gallery is delivered. 

2) What equipment do you use?

Canon R5, Fujifilm GFX 50sii, Sony a7iii, and Pentax 645nii (film)

3) Why do you use an assistant?

They watch the time, hold a reflector or a light source, track down a family member for a photo, adjust your gown, or get me a different lens - there are so many times during the day that an extra set of hands is exactly what we need. Wedding days are physical work - and often hot, so it’s important to have someone who makes sure we stay hydrated, and most of all, I love saving the physical and mental energy of managing our equipment and watching the clock and timeline to focus on the photos. We often have short periods of time for photos and I prefer to stay focused to maximize that time.  

4) Can we remove the second shooter from our collection? 

A second shooter is not an optional part of my wedding collections. Having a second shooter is like having eyes behind my head and insurance in case of an emergency. So much is happening all day - and fast! It will go by especially fast for you, and I want you to see as much of the day as possible when you look through your gallery and album. The emotions of the day are so important to your story and me as a photographer, and having two photographers helps us catch the spontaneous actions throughout the day, and helps round out the whole story of the day.  

5) How many photos will we get?

Each wedding is so different, it’s hard to say. The number of people in your wedding party, the guest count, the details, the number of locations, a first look or not, the options at each location, even if people dance or not all affect the final count, but 800 - 1000 for an 8 or 10-hour wedding with 150 guests is typical. 

6) Do you edit or retouch?

I edit all images and may do light retouching on couple portraits (blemishes or similar based on your questionnaire answers.)  More extensive retouching or photoshop is available at an extra charge and may need to be outsourced.

7) How long is our gallery online?

Your gallery is online for one year. I highly encourage you to download your entire gallery as soon as you receive it and back it up on multiple sources. I’m a big fan of albums too!

8) What is your turnaround time?

I’ll send a “sneak peek” to you in two days. Your full gallery will be delivered in 30 days. This may be delayed if I shoot film as it needs to be sent to a lab for processing. 

9) What happens if you get sick or have a family emergency? 

I will do everything I can to find an equal replacement with a similar style at no additional cost to you, or refund 100% of your payments and cancel the contract so you can hire a new photographer of your choice. 

10) Have you shot at our venue before?

There are thousands of incredible venues in our area and it would be impossible to work them all, so I scout locations before your big day. I go to your venue at the same time of day and look at the light and the locations, so I can go in with a plan. And a backup plan…because sometimes rain happens. 

11) Can I give you a Pinterest/shot list?

I definitely want to know if there are some special people, traditions, or moments happening during your day that you don’t want to miss. Even a special bracelet or pin - anything unique to your day! I’ll ask you about these in my questionnaire to prepare for the day and we can talk about any photos that are special to you or unique to your wedding then. We’ll prepare a detailed family formal list too. A few Pinterest requests are totally fine, but I encourage you to hire a photographer you trust and let them guide the photos so you can enjoy your day. 

12) What is your approach to capturing a wedding?

There will be parts of the day that we focus on posed shots of course, and you’ve already seen my photos so you know I love classic and elegant, but the story comes from the in-between moments - the transitions, the candid moments, the reactions, and emotion. I love to take classic portraits, zoom in on a parent’s reaction, catch your wedding party’s reactions, and get right in the action on the dance floor.  My posing style is not stiff or ultra formal. I like to keep you moving and enjoying each other so I can capture authentic personalities and connection. 
I will create a timeline for photography based on your priorities, the locations, and the light. Timing and light are critical, so I’ll be honest with you about what is and isn’t possible and we can discuss changes or compromises if necessary to get what’s most important to you. I send a thorough questionnaire with all the information I need to learn about your details, your loved ones, your priorities, and your preferences. I combine this with my knowledge and experience and consult with your planner to create this timeline, preparing us to make the best use of each part of the day. 

13) Our venue requires liability insurance. Do you have this? 


14) How do we confirm our date?

Dates are reserved with a signed contract and paid, flat-fee retainer of $1,000.

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